Poodle Grooming to Avoid Matting
January 23, 2018
Cat Grooming
January 23, 2018

At The Foxy Hound Grooming in Los Gatos, we are seeing a lot of skin and coat problems, much more than in years past. This increase may be the result of food allergies, environmental allergies, fungal, or autoimmune diseases from over-vaccinating. Any of these could be the culprit.  At The Foxy Hound, we have a large inventory of medicated, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic shampoos and skin treatments.  Our groomers would be happy to discuss a treatment plan for your dog or cat. Our staff is dedicated to improving the health of your pet as well as making them beautiful!

Remember, keeping your dog and cat well groomed and clean eliminates a lot of skin and coat problems as well as ear infections.   We want you to try it so we’re offering the first skin treatment at no charge. It has been a huge success in soothing and improving pets’ skin and coats.

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